When is the best time to fix the bugs in your product?

In this video, I will talk about When is the best time to fix the bugs in your product.

This is very important to Scrum teams and Agile.

I will show you why Toyota has become the number one car manufacturer in the world and why is this important to Agile Software development and Scrum.

The main takeaway from this video is:

  1. Do it right from the first attempt.
  2. When you make a mistake, fix it as soon as possible.


00:00 — Mercedes vs Toyota — how the testing is done?

00:57 — Why Toyota is the best car manufacturer?

01:32 — How do Germans test the cars?

02:18 — Examples of software testing scenarios?

03:05 — Result of software testing analysis

03:55 — Why does it take 24 times longer if testing happens 3 weeks later?

05:13 — The main takeaway from this lecture.

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