Step-By-Step Guide How To Make $250 Per Day With Agile And Scrum

Dejan Majkic, MA in CS & IT
5 min readAug 4, 2021


Make $250 with DigiStore24 and Agile and Scrum Masterclass

If you haven’t made any money with DigiStore24 this Step-by-Step Guide is for you.

In this DigiStore24 tutorial for beginners, I’m going to show you a free traffic method that you can start straight after reading this article.

This is absolutely free, it’s worldwide, it’s beginner-friendly, anybody can do this, and you can start to make $250 or more with DigiStore24 and Agile and Scrum.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is you need to come over to DigiStore24 and you need to sign up for a brand new account. Now, for those of you that don’t know DigiStore24 is an affiliate marketing network, where you can get a ton of different products that you can promote absolutely for free. As an affiliate, the most important thing is finding out how you’re going to get free traffic, so I’m going to show you a brand new strategy.
  2. Once you sign up and you create an account for yourself what’s going to happen is it’s going to take you over to a page that looks like this:
Digistore24 Marketplace Main Screen

3. and from here you can see you’ve got this marketplace tab (1),

4. Click on this drop-down list (1),

5. and go to All offers on the Affiliate Marketplace,

6. On the left panel, CLICK Education offers on the affiliate marketplace (2). I’m going to show you a specific product in Education that works really really well and a lot of this stuff is completely done for you. I want to show you the easiest way.

Scroll down to this product Agile and Scrum Masterclass:

Picture 2

7. Since you already know a lot about Agile and Scrum, you will be happy to promote this product. This is a complete Agile and Scrum Course for Product Owner and Scrum Master that walks you through every step of the Agile and Scrum framework, from A to Z. We already know that lots of people looking for ways to go to this profitable career and with 50% commissions, you can make $250 for every single sale. If you can get the traffic right you can definitely make money online with DigiStore24 utilizing this strategy and I’m going to show you in this Step-By-Step Guide.

8. From here you want to click on to BLUE BUTTON „Promote now“. Once you click on to promote now, this is going to give you the unique link that you need to be able to promote this DigiStore24 product.

9. You need to highlight and copy this unique link.

10. Open up a notepad and just save that link because we’re going to need that in a second.

11. At the bottom of the screen, you also have a Sales page (1), for this product where your affiliate link will lead your buyers to purchase this product. (Open the Sales page and check the content of this program in detail, or click here)

12. Also, at the bottom of the page, you have an Affiliate support page (2), you can open that page and this is going to give you some additional information, resources you can use, photos, email swipes, banners…

13. From here I want to show you how you’re going to get this free traffic. What this involves is creating a very simple article related to Agile or Scrum. Here you have several options:

  1. You can write articles related to Agile and Scrum by yourself.
  2. If you don’t like to write articles, you can simply rewrite some of the articles on blogs, forum posts, or any other social media platform that you are using. etc.
  3. Also, I want to show you a site that you can go to to get free articles that do not cost you a single cent. Go to the site You can see that you’ve got articles in any niche and these are free royalty articles that you can use and you can repost, you can alter, you can do whatever you want with them, and I’m going to show you where you’re going to post these to make really good money with DigiStore24.

On this website, use the search bar and look for all articles related to Agile, Scrum, Leadership, Project management, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developers, and so on…

Free articles you can use

14. all these 500+different articles that this site has with this search term “Scrum” you can use for free.

15. You want to scroll down and find an article that you feel is fit for this Agile and Scrum Masterclass product.

16. Open this article after you find articles that look pretty good and relative to this product.

17. Copy this entire article.

18. Now, paste this article to your Notepad app first to remove all kinds of text formatting.

19. From Notepad, open a brand new Google Docs Document and paste this article.

20. Make some adjustments to the content, headline, text if you like, justify the text, provide additional information and value.

21. Most importantly now is to come in the several sections in this article (somewhere after the first paragraph, in the middle of the article, and at the bottom of the article) and put your affiliate link you got from DigiStore24.

Very — Very important to do is type something like if you want some awesome tips to learn Agile and Scrum, check out this product here, or, click here for a kill away to learn Scrum from scratch, or, anything from Scrum Values and Principles… use your imaggination.

22. Next, simply highlight this text and you’re going to insert your affiliate link (from step 11) and make this all bold so that it stands out. And you are ready to go. Whoever reads your article, click on your affiliate link, and purchase this product will make $250.

23. When you are finished with your article, you can publish it on,,,, and so on.

24. Where you can share your article:

a. All Facebook groups related to Agile and Scrum

b. All Linkedin Groups related to Agile and Scrum

c. communities related to Agile and Scrum

d. by providing answers to some Scrum related things

e. by providing answers to some Scrum related things

f. use PDF for this.



i. You can even create a video instead of the article and upload it to YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

j. All other forums, Q&A and polling platforms, and your connections…

25. Repeat these steps with another article…

26. You are golden. Good luck.



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