Introduction to 1 Million YouTube Subscribers Guide

Dejan Majkic, MA in CS & IT
2 min readNov 30, 2021


Welcome to the course Your First 1 Milion YouTube Subscriber Guide.

If your business is struggling, now’s the time to step back, re-evaluate your idea and marketing, and understand the strategy behind your tactics.


Before you start with content creation, get into these Mindset Tactics — Part 1
Before you start with content creation, get into these Mindset Tactics — Part 2
Understanding YouTube Algorithm
1 Milion Subs — Strategy No 1
Introduction to YouTube Metrics
Making Front-Facing Camera Videos
Make Instructional Videos with Screen Recording
Making faceless YouTube videos Strategy
Drive Traffic to Your YouTube Channel
Introduction to 1 Milion Subs — Strategies 2 and 3
Introduction to YouTube Shorts
Aiming for a percentage of viewers
Strategy number 2: Shorts-only channel
Strategy number 2: 80–20 Channel
Upload more videos
Video Content Creation Challenges
Trend Surfing
Focus On Evergreen Video Content, Not Passing Trends
Focus on 3 YouTube metrics
Add YouTube subtitles to your videos — Step-by-Step
Promote Your YouTube Video using Google Ads
Use customer feedback to mold your product to fit the market
Tips and Tricks To Grow Your YouTube Channel even faster
Do proper YouTube SEO
Repromote properly with this strategy
Use Three Types of Videos in Your Content Mix
Develop Videos as a Series
Reward yourself
Last words

Are you ready to get your first million?


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