Announcing the TikTok Marketing Strategy for Business Course

Announcing BAND NEW TikTok Marketing Strategy for Business COURSE:

TikTok Marketing Strategy for Business: A Guide for Beginners.

How TikTok Works And How You Can Use It For Your Business?

Should TikTok be part of your video marketing strategy moving forward?

Course Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is TikTok and Why Should you Care?
  3. How did TikTok grow so quickly?
  4. The emerging TikTok strategy: Global platform dominance
  5. Growing pains with AI-based platforms
  6. Getting started with TikTok
  7. How to Use TikTok?
  8. How do I create a video?
  9. What’s in the Home feed?
  10. How to search for specific accounts or videos?
  11. TikTok Direct Messages
  12. Your Profile
  13. What’s a duet?
  14. TikTok Livestream
  15. Virtual Items
  16. The Parents’ Corner
  17. Why do teens love TikTok?
  18. Are there parental controls?
  19. What are its dangers?
  20. What can I do to protect my kids?
  21. Characteristics and Development of Self-Media Era
  22. Who is on TikTok?
  23. First, Define Your ‘Why’
  24. Why Your Small Business Should Be on TikTok
  25. Brands That Will Inspire Your TikTok Strategy
  26. Other Success Stories
  27. Analyzing Your Audience and Competition
  28. Analyzing Your Target Audience
  29. Analyzing Your Competition
  30. Creating Content for TikTok
  31. TikTok Formats
  32. Supplemental Elements
  33. Additional Activities
  34. Creative Tips
  35. Content Creation
  36. TikTok formats and Tools
  37. User-Generated Content (UGC)
  38. Professional User-Generated Content (PUGC)
  39. TikTok Hashtags Strategies
  40. Start Tagging!
  41. Hashtag Challenges
  42. Introduction to TikTok Marketing
  43. Establishing a Professional Team and Improving Content Quality
  44. Clear Positioning and Promoting Accurate Marketing
  45. Integrating Channels and Aggregating Audience
  46. Reimagining Your Brand Personality
  47. Who Will Represent Your Brand on TikTok?
  48. Building brand awareness
  49. Personalities Need Brand Content
  50. TikTok Marketing Strategies
  51. Personality-Driven Strategy
  52. Performance-Driven Strategy
  53. User-Generated Content (UGC) — Driven Strategy
  54. Repackaged Content Strategy
  55. Message-Driven Strategy
  56. Cooperating with TikTok’s Web Celebrity
  57. Developing the TikTok Marketing Strategy
  58. Challenges / Hashtag Campaign
  59. Duet
  60. Scarcity
  61. Authenticity
  62. Community
  63. ASSIGNMENT: Your Turn to Be On Camera
  64. TikTok Influencer Marketing
  65. Choosing the Right Influencer
  66. Choose the Right Song
  67. Use The Right Tone of Voice
  68. Introduction to TikTok Ads
  69. Getting started with TikTok Ads
  70. Types of TikTok ads
  71. TikTok Ads Manager Introduction
  72. Ad Campaign Structure
  73. Create a Campaign
  74. Choose the Right Advertising Objective
  75. Budget
  76. Create an Ad Group
  77. How to create an Ad Group
  78. Ad Targeting
  79. Bidding
  80. App Event Optimization (AEO)
  81. Create an Ad
  82. Creative Tools
  83. TikTok Analytics
  84. Native TikTok Analytics
  85. Track Website Events with TikTok pixel
  86. Tiklytics
  87. Pentos
  88. Final Words about Analytics Tools
  89. TikTok Tips and Tricks
  90. TikTok Ads Tips
  91. Content Marketing Tips
  92. Creating a brand community Tips
  93. Driving Sales Tips
  94. Simple TikTok Sales Funnel
  95. Final Words



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