4 prerequisite conditions to start with Scrum

Vlog: I am going to talk about 4 prerequisite conditions for Scrum to be successful. They may even cut to some challenges you are having with your team at the moment.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — –
00:00 — List of Scrum Advantages
00:42 — Scrum Framework is not an approach for every single project
01:29 — Scrum Framework is not an approach if you have the constant variable changing priorities
01:49 — Badly written user stories as a symptom of problems in the process
02:16 — No time for an MVP as a symptom of problems in the process
02:50 — You have access to a cross-functional team (Ideally 3–9 people)
04:41 — Get buy-in from the stakeholders
05:00 — Scrum ingredients
05:14 — What to do if you are completely new to Scrum?

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